Vibration Measuring System

Vibration Switch(VM-90A)

Compact popular type
A popular vibration monitor specialized in low cost and control function. It is suitable for automatic control when abnormal vibration occurs.


■ Low cost
■ Changeover type for measurement mode and range
■ Two step alarm setting, level outputs available
■ Applicable with intrinsic safety proof pickups

Application example

Stop operation in case of abnormality installed on or inside machine tools or crushers etc.


Item Specification
Acceleration 8Hz to 8kHz, -3dB (10Hz to 5kHz, ±1dB)
Velocity 10Hz to 1kHz, ±1.5dB
Displacement 10Hz to 300Hz, ±1.5dB
Acceleration 10,100m/s2
Velocity 10, 100mm/s rms
Displacement 100, 1,000μmp-p
Alarm output Individual level setting (upper 2 steps) : 10 to 100%
Individual 1c contact : maximum capacity DC30 V, 1A
Delay time setting : 1 to 10 seconds
Automatic reset
Level output DC4 – 20mA (maximum load resistance 300Ω)
Monitor output AC3 VP-P full scale
DC2 V full scale
Power supply AC100 V±10V, 47 to 63Hz
Power consumption 5VA or smaller
Operational temperature /
humidity range
0 to +50゚C, 35 to 95%RH (non-condensing)
Mass / Size 74(W) X 72(D) X 90(H)mm / approx. 250g

Standard composition

Item Notes
Pickup (VP-A51IW) Piesoelectric accelerometer
Pickup cable 5m long cable with a pick up connector and waterproof cap
Standard accessories
  • ● screw for pickup attachment M6, hexagonal hole
  • ● sems screw for main body installation
  • ● hex key wrench
  • ● instruction mannual
    (with test certification)

Other lengths available on request. (Maximum length is 200m)


Name Remark
Mechanical filter (MCF-6) Prevention of incorrect operation on displacement /
velocity measurement. Elimination of high frequency component.

Outward dimensions